2018年9月20日 星期四

My Cutest Sister (04) 我最可愛的妹妹 (04)

Precious episode 前一話:
First episode 第一話:

Living with Jia-Jia is full of joy. She often makes fun with me by taking advantage of being a robot. She may detach her head and throw it to me; and when I catch and hug her head, she will embed her face in my chest and say "I come here for hearing big brother's heartbeat". She may take off some of her body parts for playing the magic show she said. Or she may smile to me and ask me to treat her body gently when I repair her.

Oh, Jia-Jia, you are much much more better than a normal human sister...

Jia-Jia isn't just cute. In fact, she is an extremely advanced robot. Her machine body is very mighty and powerful. With such a fantastic body, Jia-Jia can do a lot of unbelievable things.

For example, Jia-Jia can open an AR(Augmented Reality) window in the space. The Window is the interface for her to access her software building which can be embodied as her projection and named as "The Spirit" in the cyberspace.

In such way, Jia-Jia can adjust software modules of her own system anytime. Her brain and heart can't be altered, but she can alter the system which operates them. It's very exciting for Jia-Jia to alter her system because she can't expect what will happen to her precisely. She often disassembles and then reassembles her system, and waits for the result of how she will turn to. Jia-Jia also can "jump into" other robot's systems or internet cyberspace through "The Window". She is a girl full of adventure.

...In fact, being a cyborg, Jia-Jia can "jump into" my system, too. Wow, I love the feeling of that Jia-Jia is swimming inside me~

Okay, come back to the topic. Jia-Jia's body is not only advanced in software but also in hardware. Her body is constructed in bio-inspired nanostructure, and it's very versatile. She can try to attach her parts on other machines or devices and access them. Even she hadn't met the interface before, it still very possibly works.

However, having the extremely advanced body doesn't mean Jia-Jia is invincible...


2018年9月17日 星期一

My Cutest Sister (03) 我最可愛的妹妹 (03)

Precious episode 前一話:
First episode 第一話:

Feel confused about Jia-Jia? Well, sometimes even me would have the same feeling, especially when Jia-Jia got disassembled and being repaired by me.

See? Jia-Jia became just several pieces of machine parts in such a condition. My dear sister didn't exist at that time. However, when you assemble those pieces into Jia-Jia, then my sister appears. My sister can come out from the pile of machine parts, and she is truly my sister! Nothing can be more freak but amazing than this!

Anyone of Jia-Jia's body parts isn't replaceable. For example, if you destroyed her right leg (don't do it or I will kill you), she would lose it forever. Maybe you can make her a new leg, but it won't be a part of Jia-Jia. She can just command the substitutional leg through programs. The new leg is an external device to her.

On the other hand, even her right leg has been detached and isolated to her system such that Jia-Jia can't move it on her own, the right leg is still a part of her. All of her main parts are unique and implicitly entangled. You do something to one of her parts, and her other parts will be influenced. If you disassembled Jia-Jia and built each of her main parts (head, torso, arms, legs) a robot body, then Jia-Jia would exist over those six robots. Also, you can't copy the "deep" information ("shallow" data aren't limited) inside Jia-Jia's electronic brain and central system. Any deep information is depicted in the entire physical configuration of her brain/system, and that depends on the history of what she had experienced such that it isn't reproducible.

So, till now, have you understood why is my sister so precious and unique even she is a robot? She is who she is, and she has any spiritual things which if you have as a human.

Fine, the maintenance of Jia-Jia's body is completed. It's time for me to maintain mine. Don't forget, I am a cyborg.

I detach my own head and connect it (IT! Oh, I call my damned head IT!) to an instrument, then order my body to lie on the operating table. First I wanna check the condition of my head, and I disconnect the communication with my body. I let it to take a rest for a while.

Now I... Hum? Wait, who's coming? Er, Jia-Jia? What does she come here for? Oh, so embarrassing to let her to see me in maintenance... It will be better for me to play possum...

No good, it seems that Jia-Jia has no intention to leave soon, why? She sits on a chair and looks at me with a lovely smile. Oh, Jia-Jia, do you know I always want myself to be capable and powerful in your eyes? I really don't want to let you to see me in such a condition... >_<

Jia-Jia walks to me and pinches my cable slightly... She holds my hung head and kisses my cheek! Hey, I feel so shy... She turns to my immobile headless body, touches my strong torso which I am proud of... I... I... Oh my... What's she going to do?

Ah, Jia-Jia starts to massage my headless body... Very reasonable, since my body is half-biological. Jia-Jia treats my body so gently, her soft hands bring warmness to my skin, and her tender affection almost melts my heart. Although it's not that exciting, I am deeply moved.

Jia-Jia, thank you. You are my best sister. I will never forget this wonderful moment. Q_Q


2018年9月14日 星期五

My Cutest Sister (02) 我最可愛的妹妹 (02)

First episode 第一話:

Even when Jia-Jia got malfunctioned, she was still so sweet.

I especially enjoyed the moment of that Jia-Jia asked me to repair her body. When I saw Jia-Jia damaged, my heart ached; however, I also got excited by seeing those wounds on her perfect body. When I put my fingers into her internal machine parts through the wounds... Wow, I almost fainted...

Even when Jia-Jia was disintegrated, her parts were as cute as she should be.

When her brain was nullified, her parts would act like that Jia-Jia might let them do. They still belonged to my sister and if not deactivated. I brought her legs to the living room and placed them on the sofa, they struggled to stand up and dance. They are really Jia-Jia's legs even right now, parts of Jia-Jia always!

I hugged them instantly, then I took out other Jia-Jia's idle parts from the lab. Torso, legs, arms, I wanted to hug every my sister's parts deadly. Dear little sister, I love... Stop, stop, stop. Forget it. Siblings are siblings after all.


2018年9月11日 星期二

My Cutest Sister (01) 我最可愛的妹妹 (01)

Setting 設定
Brother: Male cyborg Da-Bao, 27 years old.  哥哥:大寶,男性生化人,27歲.
Sister:    Female robot Jia-Jia, 22 years old.  妹妹:嘉嘉,機器人女孩,21歲.

Jia-Jia is a robot girl, and she's my younger sister.

Be a robot and a sister? Yes, definitely true. It's not the case that I made a robot and address her as my sister, just that my sister is simply a robot. I can't explain it clearly, but... Anyway, you only need to know that it's a fact.

By the way, I am a cyborg. As a human male, I still have my organic body, but many electronic devices and components had been implanted into my body. For example, my corpus callosum was replaced with an artificial one such that you can manipulate the information transmitting between my left and right brain. There are many access interfaces on my body, I can influence each part of me through them. I am so happy to be a cyborg.

Let's come back to talk about my sister again. Jia-Jia is very cute, way too cute to me. If she isn't my sister, she would be the best girl for me to pursue.

However, Jia-Jia is really my sister, so I shall not date her... Well, not bad to have a cute sister, right?

"Big brother, come to me, please~"

Oh, Jia-Jia is calling me. I shall go to her... Uh? What's up!?

"Big brother, I am experimenting on myself. I try to add an auxiliary body to me, but my true body may feel a bit bored. You are planing to go out, right? Would you take my body with you? You can share your feeling to her through data link. Oh, forget to say, my body shall not be regarded as robot Jia-Jia since Jia-Jia's identity is kept in my brain. The communication between my brain and system-governing unit is limited, and the intermediary computer blocks some information like my identity. So my body is just an identityless emotional girl, and she shall not be deemed to be your sister in such a condition. No other meaning, just a small talk. Okay! Have a good time, big brother. ^w^"
"哥,我正在對自己進行實驗喔.我嘗試幫自己弄個輔助身體,但是我真正的身體,覺得有點無聊了.剛好,你也要出門逛街對吧?可以帶我的身體一起去嗎?雖然頭不在身上,我身體還是可以透過資料鏈,分享你逛街的感受啊,這樣我的心才不會太無聊.對了,忘了說,別把我的身體當你妹妹嘉嘉看.嘉嘉的身分自我認知資料存在頭腦這邊.事實上,無論是頭這邊還是身體那邊,都不算是嘉嘉.我頭腦和中央系統的通訊受限,所以中介電腦會擋掉部分資料傳輸,比如身分認知,也就是說我身體跟你外出的時候,根本不知道她自己是誰啦!只是個心情敏感的無名女孩子,完全不知道把你當哥哥看.沒別的意思,就是閒聊.好了,祝你出門,能帶著我的身體逛得愉快.反正也沒別的女孩子陪你,就當我身體是陪伴你身邊的女孩吧. XD"

I will bet that she knew what I was thinking. She did know, right?

Well, this is... not my sister, just a lovely girl. So... Let me take her hand... Oh...

I am dating her, right? Great! I am dating my... no, a cute robot girl. I am dating her! Let's name her..."Body-chan". Body-chan is not Jia-Jia, but she is Jia-Jia's body, and she's my girlfriend in such a fantastic moment!

Today is such a wonderful day!

"Hey, big brother, I wanna tell you a secret."

"What's that, Jia-Jia?"

"That's... I am actually a robot! Haha! Don't tell that to others, dear brother." Jia-Jia juts out her right leg.
"那就是... 我其實是機器人啦!哈哈哈!別跟其他人說喔~"嘉嘉伸出了她的右腳.

"Pooh, it's not a secret to me! I already know!"
"噗, 對我來說才不是秘密!我早就知道了好不好."

"You are right, but as your dearest sister, I really like to tell you everything about me, big brother."

My nose bleeds. How lucky am I to have such a naughty but lovable sister?


2018年9月8日 星期六

Taken Apart 被拆開啦

Fembot Sandy was attacked by her stalker. She got torn up, and her scattered parts were placed in an abandoned warehouse.

Her body parts are still working, but her system is operating in the error mode since it can't give out acceptable explanations about relative positions of her body parts (Sandy wasn't disassembled in the proper way). This brings Sandy the most strange feeling she had ever experienced.

However, there are still more. That stalker is going to research Sandy's body in his way, he plans to reform Sandy to accomplish his wicked wish...

"Count on you, my dear body parts... Oh... Please, we have to save me... Try your best, all of you!"

Will Sandy save herself successfully? It depends on the cohesion within her body components.

Good luck to you all, Sandy and Sandy's parts.

2018年9月5日 星期三

Repair Me Or Not 愛修不修?

    Fembot Iris's boyfriend loves her very much, but he is too lazy to learn knowledge about Iris's body. Iris decided to try the most radical way to push her BF to learn because she needs her BF's help on her body maintenance: she decapitated herself.

    When her BF comes home, he just saw Iris's decapitated machine body and the message Iris left to him:

Dear, now you have to choose: repair me or lose your love. Now I am just a pile of broken machine parts, would you turn me back to be your girl? You already have adequate data about my body and fine tools for repairing me, just need a bit of more determination.

Oh, I wish that I can come back to see your smiling face once more, but you have to try your best to make it. Learn enough about me, please. I believe we will meet again in a blooming season. Love you, bye.

2018年9月1日 星期六

Birthday Gift 生日禮物

"Haven't you seen my internal? Cuz today is your birthday, I open my belly panel for you. It's your birthday gift!"